Janette Surrett

I became a H.E.L.P. instructor to honor the memory of Harper Ellen Peeples and out of respect for her family. Tina Peeples and I were good friends and for me it was a fitting way to pay tribute to the life and legacy of her beautiful Harper Ellen. I had no idea that the training

Jessica Garza

Jessica Garza with Plan B Inc. shared the following: Encouraging my friends, family, staff and their spouses to learn CPR has never been more important to me. On the day my father, Danny (age 56), was released from the hospital after surgery he arrived at his house only to step out of the car and

Jessica C.

This last summer my family and I were at our neighborhood pool enjoying the warm evening. The hot Texas day had drawn a large number of my neighbors to the pool as well. With all the activity no one had noticed a six-year-old boy named Chad had  become unconscious in the pool. The sounds of