Jessica Garza with Plan B Inc. shared the following: Encouraging my friends, family, staff and their spouses to learn CPR has never been more important to me. On the day my father, Danny (age 56), was released from the hospital after surgery he arrived at his house only to step out of the car and collapse, suffering sudden cardiac arrest. Though his neighbors knew to call 911 none knew CPR. EMTs revived him upon arrival and his organs survived the event and the cooling treatment protocol. He was placed on a ventilator and we anxiously awaited the results of critical neurological tests. The results were devastating. Despite the strength and function of his other organs the critical time lost between the time he arrested and the time CPR was initiated resulted in severe brain damage that made sustaining his airway impossible. My father passed away less than a week later. Though there’s no telling what might have been had he received CPR immediately, I can’t help but think that my father passed away needlessly; he might have survived had someone in the crowd known CPR. And that possibility…that chance of survival…wasted, is a real tragedy.