This last summer my family and I were at our neighborhood pool enjoying the warm evening. The hot Texas day had drawn a large number of my neighbors to the pool as well. With all the activity no one had noticed a six-year-old boy named Chad had  become unconscious in the pool. The sounds of the kids splashing, and the families talking and laughing was brought to an abrupt halt when Kylee, his older sister let out a scream because she noticed him floating, face down in the pool. Chad was pulled from the pool immediately and 911 was called but no one at the pool knew CPR so we all stood helplessly, waiting for the ambulance to show up. When the first responders arrived several long minutes had passed. I can’t help but wonder if there will be long term consequences because of the time Chad was deprived of oxygen.

I can’t help but wonder how differently things may have turned out for that little boy if someone at the pool that afternoon had known how to administer CPR. I wish I had known about the classes offered through Harper’s Embrace.